Monday, 21 January 2013

Mizoram Premier League: Restarts again with all teams in action!

The second phase of the inaugural 'Mahindra 2 Wheelers' Mizoram Premier League kicked-off last Friday and Saturday at the Assam Rifles ground in Aizawl, Mizoram with all eight participating teams in Round 8 action.


Round 8
18-Jan-2013: Dinthar FC 2-1 FC Kulikawn
18-Jan-2013: Luangmual FC 1-2 Aizawl FC
19-Jan-2013: Reitlang FC 1-1 FC RS Annexe
19-Jan-2013: Mizoram Police FC 2-1 Chanmari FC

Round 9
23-Jan-2013: Aizawl FC - FC RS Annexe
23-Jan-2013: Reitlang FC - Luangmual FC
24-Jan-2013: Chanmari FC - FC Kulikawn
24-Jan-2013: Mizoram Police FC - Dinthar FC

Round 10
29-Jan-2013: Luangmual FC - Mizoram Police FC
29-Jan-2013: FC Kulikawn - FC RS Annexe
30-Jan-2013: Chanmari FC - Aizawl FC
30-Jan-2013: Dinthar FC - Reitlang FC

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